Organization Objectives
  • To co-ordinate with and help all aspects of the society for the formation of Equality and equity to change the Inequality system existing in the societyTo co-ordinate and use social organizations, donors etc to Support helpless children, Poor civics and senior citizen who are being slighted and disgraced by society and government

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SAAHD is an international development organization striving to eliminate hunger, poverty and diseasein the poorest, most isolated rural villages in Asia.


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South Asian Action for Human Development (SAAHD) is a non-governmental non-profitable, non-religious and non-political all-inclusive internationally recognized organization. It is an innovative and promising organization that used to provide assistance to capacity building of banished displaced children, women, indigenous people, and marginalized communities and encourage partnership in caring for the human development by inspiring, informing, and enabling citizens improve their quality of people living south Asia.


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